Move In/Out Cleaning

Our turnover cleaning is our most detailed service. Perfect if:

 - You are moving out and want to get your deposit.

 - You are going to sell or rent your house.

 - You want to make sure the home is clean and sanitized before you move in.

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What it is like?

When you hire CARVAN, you know you are getting so much more than a clean home!

We train our cleaners thoroughly to make sure they can offer you the best cleaning. You can rest assure that you hired honest, friendly, trustworthy people that truly care about you and your home.

Our cleaning methods will clean and care for all areas of your home. We clean with industry standard supplies and equipment to facilitate efficiency and obtain the best results.

How the service works


To book your first service, simply call us or click Book now to get an instant estimate. We will then contact you over the phone to get the details for the job. We will go over details like square footage, pets, preferred supplies, and explain what we tasks we will perform. This will allow us to give you an accurate estimate over the phone. We also encourage an in-home estimate. This gives you the chance to get to know us, go over the details, and confirm the price.

The day of

We send you an "On The Way" text alerting you that we will arrive within 30 minutes. Please prepare your home for our arrival by putting away valuables, removing clutter, and placing pets in their designated areas. We will arrive ready to work and normally start from top floor to bottom. Please make sure family member are not present in the areas that are being cleaned. When the service is complete we notify you so you can make sure you can go over the services performed. We then will take the payment and email you a receipt.

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Satisfaction Gurantee

We hope to develop a relationship with our clients, this is why communication is very important to us. We will stay in constant communication to confirm upcoming appointments, coordinate scheduling, and get feed back about the sevices performed. We are always available should you have a question or concern. If you are not satisfied with the service received we will follow up immendiately to resolve any issue that may arise and, if any damages occurred, we are fully insured and bonded to make sure you are always protected.

Move In/Out Cleaning Check List

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